Solar panels installed for no money out of pocket

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You can get solar panels installed for no money out of pocket, AND lower you monthly electric payment by 40%!

Clean, renewable power - generated right on your property.

Clean Renewable Power

Power your home with clean, renewable power generated right on your roof, from the SUN. Not only is it reliable and great for the environment, it will save you money.

Save money by going solar in Hawaii

Save every Year!

The average customer in Hawaii saves $1,800 per year by going solar!

The cleanest, cheapest power in Hawaii is the Sun! Get your free, customized solar savings report to see how you can go solar for as little as zero down.

How Solar Works

How Solar Works - Save money buy putting solar panels on your home.
Start saving now by going solar. Hawaii has some of the highest electricity rates in the country, and as rates continue to rise each month (up to 22% this year alone), you can secure a low electric payment by going solar.
  • Solar Panels - Convert Sunlight to direct current (DC electricity).
  • Inverter - Converts the direct current electricty to alternating current electricty. DC power is produced from the solar panels and AC power is the power used in the home.
  • Meter - Measures the amount of electricity used from the Utility Grid
  • Electric Box - Electricity generated from your solar panels, or that have been stored in your battery, flow into the electric panel to your home for your use.
  • Battery - Stores extra electricty generated by your solar panels during the day. At night you can pull power that was stored in the battery to power your home.
  • Utility Grid - If you require more electricity than your solar system can produce, you are still connected to the utility grid.
We connect you with a certified energy consultant located right in Hawaii. Today, there are many different options in going solar. You can purchase, lease, finance or use a power purchase plan to save immediately on your monthly electric bill. For as little as $0 (zero) out of pocket you can start saving today by going solar. Get Solar Hawaii!